About Us


We are a socio-economic group built to cater to members of the Nigerian middle-belt diaspora domiciled in Canada. One of our goals is also to engage with authorities in Nigeria and Canada to better the lot of the middle-belt in Nigeria, while remaining law-abiding Canadians.

We are a non-political, non-religious and non-partisan group.
Membership is open to anyone who aligns with our vision, mission, and core values below.


To unite all parties interested in the development of the indigenous peoples within the Middle belt of Nigeria; engaging constructively with stakeholders in Canada, Nigeria and globally to advance a middle-belt that is socio-economically prosperous, safe, equitable and culturally vibrant.


The mission of AMNIC is to unite the diverse nationalities and ideologies within the Middle belt to a common and progressive sense of purpose, and to enshrine self-determination, equality, non-violence, merit, and excellence as basic tenets of the Nigerian state.

To achieve this:

  • - We will raise general awareness and hence positively influence the Canadian & Nigerian stakeholders on middle-belt indigenous issues.

  • - We will support the preservation and revival of the languages and cultures of the middle-belt tribes of Nigeria.

  • - We will promote Harmony, justice, equity, peace & freedom within and outside Nigeria.

  • - We will cater for the socio-economic welfare of AMNIC members and the entire Canadian community.


  • Diversity
  • Unity
  • Peace
  • Integrity

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